About Rob Fish – Fisheries Expert & Advisor

Rob Fish has a rare combination of high level marine biology and fishery management
qualifications, worked within government as fisheries manager, plus over 20 years practical experience in the fishing industry.

Rob has worked within government and in the commercial fishing sector. This experience has given him insight and knowledge across the management of our fisheries as both stakeholder and regulator. Rob passionately believes good management provides the best outcomes for all stakeholders. Your fishing operation is only as good as the management arrangements that support it, and Rob understands well the implications of regulations, policies and social expectations to on-water operations.

Sustainable Development

Rob has an excellent working knowledge of fisheries
management principles and fisheries law and policy. He has
demonstrated the ability to convert this knowledge into
modern management frameworks that promote not only
sustainability but also foster a dynamic commercial industry.

Throughout Australia, Rob has worked with recreational and other marine
stakeholders, scientists, government agencies,
fishers and managers. He understands the
interests and objectives of all parties.

Focused on outcomes

Focused on outcomes and delivering results, Rob saves all stakeholders a great deal of time and stress. He is a straight talker and believes actions speak louder than words. Rob Fish will create more time for you to fish and run your business.

More than 20 years of experience

  • Fisheries Manager for federal government agency Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA)
  • Consultant to industry and other marine stakeholders for over 20 years
  • Managed fishing and aquaculture operations across Northern Australia
  • Chair of the Northern Territory Seafood Council for >10 years
  • Worked on the development of new management frameworks in several large Australian fisheries
  • Policy development
  • Campaigns for change – including implementing CoOL in the NT
  • Minimising the impact of marine reserves on fishing businesses in the NT
  • Harvest Strategy Development
  • Strategic Planning and Team Building

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