Representation & Stakeholder Relations

You may feel as though there are competing interests in the commercial fishing industry.
Indeed, government, scientists, marine biologists, environmental groups, community sectors
and fishing businesses can struggle to find common ground and make progress. And yet,
all stakeholders want to make the best use of our resources. That is our common ground.

If you are seeking representation or need to pull together a
working group, speak to Rob Fish at the earliest opportunity. Rob
knows that teambuilding and collaboration achieve the best
outcomes for all stakeholders.

Representation at meetings

Attending meetings with government and environmental groups can be daunting. Rob Fish will represent you and your interests at meetings, always looking to achieve a workable result that delivers the best outcome for you in the circumstances. Rob is an expert at finding the common ground that empowers stakeholders and enables parties to move forward.

Working groups,
teambuilding and change

Having worked within government and in the commercial fishing sector dealing with many different stakeholders, Rob Fish understands the interests and objectives of all parties. When change is needed, he knows how to generate collaboration, build trust and reduce conflict. He brings leadership across stakeholder groups.

Looking to progress on a fishery or marine issue, Rob can put
the stakeholder team together and help facilitate a group process. Bringing together some very different skills and interests will better deliver on your agreed goals. Pick the right team, set the right values and goals, the quicker you move up the ladder.
Contact Rob today.

“You can always invest in your own house but building your neighbourhood is where the real value lies.”

- Rob Fish
Building Stakeholder and Government relations
Industry Associations and Representation
Conflict resolution and Team building

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