Modern Fisheries Management

You can tie yourself and your fishery business in knots trying to understand how legislation and policy will impact your operations.

A modern fisheries management system lies at the heart of your
fishery’s potential. Set your management frameworks up properly
and you will have more time to invest in what really matters –
fishing, innovating and developing your industry.

20 years of industry experience

Use your skills in the best way possible by retaining fisheries expert Rob Fish. With high level qualifications in fisheries management AND more than 20 years’ industry experience, Rob will help you improve the management arrangements for your fishery. He understands the balance between meeting policy and community obligations while running a dynamic and profitable fishing business.

Focused on outcomes

Importantly, Rob is focused on outcomes and making a difference to your business results. Rob won’t only provide advice; he will work with you to ensure changes are implemented. As Rob says, “consultant reports or advice sitting in a drawer don’t help anyone”. If you are keen to see more progressive and contemporary management of your fishery, contact Rob today. Take control of your life and enjoy the freedom to get back fishing!

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