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Goals and Objectives

Harvest Strategies are used to ensure we maximise community benefit from our fisheries resources. They use a set of tiered objectives from conceptual to operational objectives that can be easily measured and understood. I feel sometimes we overcomplicate these processes, which are very similar to other management processes from strategic planning and business plans with KPIs to the monitoring and management of a car engine.

What they have in common is they can only ever be as effective as the objectives and goals we have set.  I cant encourage you enough to spend whatever time it takes to ensure your ecological, economic and social objectives for your fishery are well considered and specific. Do you need a race car, 4wd or family sedan? Time spent at the start of harvest strategy or other planning process will always be time well spent.

If you are looking at developing a harvest strategy or any planning for your fishery, drop us a line, and lets see if we cant help get those all important goals and objectives right from the start.

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